Supporting energy innovation and green building leadership

We must, all of us, support advanced energy efficiency innovation and healthier buildings for human wellbeing and productivity. It’s more important than ever that cities, building owners, and construction businesses recognize our crucial role in building performance leadership. In the U.S., our buildings use 40% of the energy generated. Our decisions and actions can make a huge impact on this largely untapped area for dramatic improvement – in both our existing buildings and new construction.

City of Philadelphia advanced building performance leadership

As a City, Philadelphia is working hard to be a leader nationally in green building. The Graboyes Commercial teams are proud to support the work of important groups like Green Building United and provide corporate sponsorship to the Philadelphia 2030 District, a private-sector-led effort by the owners, managers, and developers of the city’s largest properties to achieve deep reductions in energy use, water use, and transportation emissions.

A better way to fund deep energy efficiency improvements

We are also a member of the MEETS Coalition – a group of industry leaders providing guidance for a truly effective method for funding deep energy efficiency improvements – improvements that increase a property owner’s net income without burdening the balance sheet. The movement got its start in Seattle at the Bullitt Center, helping fund and improve even the greenest commercial building in the world through its Metered Energy Efficiency Transaction Structure – MEETS.

Metered Energy Efficiency Transaction Structure
Metered Energy Efficiency Transaction Structure