Philadelphia-based energy services firm Graboyes Efficiency Tenant in partnership with the MEETS Coalition has released instructional video content explaining MEETS – the metered energy efficiency transaction structure. MEETS is a powerful financial tool that allows energy efficiency to be generated, bought, and sold much like electricity.

MEETS is groundbreaking because it provides a win-win path to deep energy efficiency in buildings (beyond those achievable with conventional financing) by providing benefits to all stakeholders. The benefits to building owners, building occupants, utilities, and society include improving operational efficiency, increasing a building’s tenant revenue and net asset value, improving tenant comfort, helping preserve a utility’s business model, and reducing emissions from fossil fuel power generation.

MEETS has been implemented in Seattle, and the utility has requested and received approval to expand the offering to many additional buildings.

About Graboyes Efficiency Tenant

Graboyes Efficiency Tenant LLC, launched in July of 2018, is a Philadelphia-based energy services company that delivers the groundbreaking metered energy efficiency transaction structure (MEETS) to the Greater Philadelphia region.

MEETS is a powerful financial tool that allows energy efficiency to be generated, bought, and sold much like electricity. The transaction structure of the MEETS concept provides building owners with a long-term, rent-paying tenant that leases the privilege of making deep energy efficiency improvements to buildings – beyond those typically attainable via conventional financing approaches. The tenant then sells the newly created efficiency to a utility company. Graboyes Efficiency Tenant is the first company in the world formed specifically to serve as such a tenant to building owners. 

Graboyes Efficiency Tenant works in collaboration with its sister companies, the architectural glazing and window installation firm Graboyes Commercial Window Company and the building performance firm Graboyes Smart Buildings, providing expertise in energy services project development and access to financial partners that support MEETS-based projects.

The Graboyes Efficiency Tenant team cumulatively has more than 50 years of experience in energy services project development and implementation, having been involved in the design, development, construction, and operation of net-zero, passive house, and high-performance buildings throughout the United States. Graboyes is a member of the US Green Building Council and Philadelphia’s Green Building United, and it serves as a sponsor for the Philadelphia 2030 District. Its sister company Graboyes Commercial Window Company is a US Top-50 MBE-certified leader among architectural glazing firms and building envelope experts.

For more information, visit or email CEO Ellis Guiles at [email protected]

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